Why You Should Host a Conference at Beams
Drumsheds: Space for Everyone

Drumsheds is more than a venue - it's the heartbeat of London's diverse and ever-changing cultural scene, drawing people together with its gravitational pull. It’s a space for everyone.

How Does a Venue or Location Impact the Feel and Aesthetic of a Film?

Recently, Control Room A and Film London organized an exclusive evening for film industry insiders. This event offered industry professionals a distinctive platform to discuss the impact of locations on a film's aesthetic and atmosphere. Here are some of their insights...

Redefining Destination Weddings: The Unique Appeal of Tying the Knot at The Pumping House and Control Room A

Nestled within the ancient woodlands of Sherwood Forest and the historic walls of Battersea Power Station stands The Pumping House and Control Room A, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to celebrate love in a unique setting.

What Does Titanic, Immersive Art, Boxing History, and Shakespeare Have In Common? Exploring The Cultural Impact of Dock X.

Dock X, an industrial warehouse in Canada Water, has emerged as a dynamic cultural hub, reinventing itself through a series of transformative residencies that redefine the local landscape.

Depot Mayfield: A Testament to Manchester’s Industrial and Cultural Legacy

Nestled within the heart of Manchester, Depot Mayfield stands as a vibrant symbol of the city's rich industrial heritage and its ongoing cultural renaissance.

Control Room A in the Cinematic Landscape

From its Art Deco design to its integral role in London's power distribution network, Control Room A serves not only as a functional hub but also as a backdrop for cinematic moments that have left an indelible mark on the silver screen.

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