Pinterest at New Century

In November, the ‘visual discovery engine’ came to Manchester to host a group of creators in the luxurious modernist spaces of New Century. Known for driving inspiration and springing new trends, Pinterest found the perfect stage under the disco lights of our favourite dancehall.

Mid-century modern is arguably the stand-out design trend of the decade. Since the early 2010s, post-war interiors have seen a resurgence among collectors and designers. Through sites such as Pinterest, the interest has been taken up by a younger generation of shoppers. From found treasures to DIY fix-ups and modern remakes, the social media site is a smorgasbord for the aesthetic of the 1960s and 1970s. Its enduring appeal, on Pinterest and beyond, speaks to a broader search for timeless, sustainable style that reflects our changing world.

When we think of mid-century design, we think of luxurious materials and earthy palettes: rich mahogany, teaks and tropical woods paired with brown leather, chrome and glass. Designs are slimmed down and simple, built to last and effortless. We think of martinis and Mad Men. New Century Hall encapsulates this character like few other venues. It was a natural choice, therefore, to host Pinterest’s fashion and beauty summit in November. Bringing together 150 of the biggest creators, buyers and marketing experts, the day focused around a series of panel discussions, talks and demonstrations.

The speakers took their places on a stage set up to reflect the charm of the space, with period furniture and sofas for a relaxed, elevated feel. The Pinterest creator Melissa Strickland kicked things off with a Q&A session about how the site protects its users and influencers for safer creative freedom. This was followed by a panel featuring speakers from Farfetch, N Brown Group, Dentsu and Anadola. Together, they provided multiple perspectives on how to lead in a trend-driven industry.

The event made use of flexibility of the space. For the talks, period theatre-style seating was arranged over the dancefloor, framed by the characteristic wood-panelled walls. Guests were served cocktails and coffee from the full-length bar at the back of the space, with plenty of space for networking.

One of the highlights of the day was the demonstrations and tutorials by nail and makeup artists. With compact studios set up near the bar, artists invited attendees to try new looks and discuss the latest moods and tools of the beauty industry. The sense of glamour was heightened by the custom disco ceiling, which cycled through a range of colours to reflect the changing segments of the day. For Pinterest’s following, ever curious about design, the polished and characterful spaces of New Century provided a fitting backdrop for visual discovery and inspiration.