Drumsheds: Space for Everyone

Spread over 10 acres that once housed IKEA and industrial warehouses, Drumsheds is a venue that embodies the seamless melding of industrial allure with the dynamic pulse of today's cultural and events scene.

Now reimagined, it's a space that welcomes a diverse array of events, from electrifying live music events and festivals to cutting-edge conferences and one-of-a-kind brand experiences. In this former warehouse, people from all walks of life and every corner of the country come together, creating a dynamic melting pot of cultures and ideas. This inclusive venue not only hosts events but fosters a sense of community and belonging, making it a true home for everyone.

As the vibrant heart of music and culture, Drumsheds offered the ideal setting for Spotify's annual "Wrapped" event. Audiences were captivated by performances from Sam Smith and Charli XCX, with each moment enhanced by the venue's vast spaces that fostered a truly unique connection with the crowd.

AnimeCon also harnessed the potential of Drumsheds, transforming it into a haven for anime enthusiasts. The venue was ingeniously partitioned for panels, shopping, and interactive ventures, evolving into a centre of community engagement that was both immersive and accessible.

Every happening at Drumsheds is an unfolding narrative. Whether it’s the pulse of a music event carrying into the night or an action-packed convention, the venue’s capacity to morph and resonate with each community cultivates a sense of unity and belonging.

Drumsheds is more than a venue - it's the heartbeat of London's diverse and ever-changing cultural scene, drawing people together with its gravitational pull. It’s a space for everyone.