The Pelligon: Re-imagining An Architectural Icon

The Pelligon, named after its original architect César Pelli, has been fully refurbished as a cutting-edge cultural hub for Canary Wharf.

Famed for forever changing London’s skyline with One Canada Square and for pushing the limits of the sky with Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers, César Pelli was a master. His admiration of the fragility and transparency of glass led to a style which created some of the world's most inspiring and unique spaces.

A first look at the redeveloped Pelligon offers a sense of awe, inspiration and is a manifestation of Pelli’s vision. It is an architectural masterpiece made of glass and light, situated right on the Canary Wharf riverfront. Step inside the 27 m high glass arch to experience the Cathedral Effect - a sense of freedom of thought and creativity brought on by a feeling of limitless height.

Pelli’s effortlessly minimalist style has provided the perfect foundation for the redevelopment, enhancing its existing features but creating interior styling to enable creativity and flexibility to lead the way.

I see my buildings as pieces of cities, and in my designs I try to make them into responsible and contributing citizens.

The only challenge with the redevelopment was self-imposed - to respect the original ideas and motifs from the architect, while responding to the needs of current clients.

Every design choice has been made with meticulous care. The circle motif in the walls has been maintained and is now reflected in a stunning black floor. The walls have been painted a brilliant white, offering a blank canvas that can be dressed to suit the colour ways of each event through lighting and effects.

The most prominent addition is the installation of two spiral staircases which have been custom designed to embrace Pelli’s circle motif, while effortlessly connecting the ground floor to the previously separated mezzanine.

Our tech partner Vibration Production completed the refurbishment with a state-of-the-art production setup including an L’Acoustics PA and Dante audio network, a Shure Axient Digital RF system, a Green-GO comms system, and an Intelligent Robe lighting package.

The Pelligon’s striking looks and inspiring architecture make it the perfect space to make a statement. It is purpose built as a space for culture and innovation with the capacity to host everything from conferences and bespoke brand experiences to high-end celebrations.