The Business of Nightlife: Igniting Global Innovation in Manchester’s Freight Island and Depot Mayfield

As dusk settled over Manchester, a thrilling metamorphosis unfolded at one of the city's most legendary venues

This is no ordinary urban setting winding down after a busy day. Instead, the heart of the action lies within the historic industrial architecture of Depot Mayfield, more specifically, Freight Island. Here, as dusk draws in, Freight Island, plays host to a global event - The Night-Time Economy Summit, organized by NTIA (The Night Time Industries Association).

A historical former railway station brought back to life as a 10,000-capacity multipurpose venue, its compelling mix of preserved industrial detail and contemporary creative energy in every brick exudes a magnetic draw.

Speakers from around the globe engage in impactful discussions on topics ranging from sustainability and crowd control to the music data evolution and mental health within the industry.

Outstanding speakers like Silvia Montello, the CEO of Association of Independent Music, and DJ Sam Divine, are among the speakers bringing their unique expertise to the forefront of this international forum.

As you enter our vibrant cultural haven, Freight Island, the first thing that captivates is the harmonious blend of lights, diverse food offerings, and the buzz of lively conversations. But the Summit isn’t just about cultivating ideas and fostering dialogue, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of a venue like Depot Mayfield, particularly Freight Island.

As Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, puts it, “The Summit is a chance to benchmark the current state of the industry, reflect, debate, and share ideas in building a safer and successful night-time economy.”