Re-imagining the ordinary with Converse x A Cold Wall* at The Beams

Pushing the boundaries of form and function to ever greater heights, Converse has been collaborating with Samuel Taylor’s iconic luxury fashion brand A COLD WALL* since 2022.

As part of their partnership, Taylor has worked on several models, including the Converse Chuck 70, Aeon Active CX, and, most recently, the Geo Forma, a shoe that radically transcends category.

Following on from Geo Forma’s initial release last year, the dream duo is now evolving the concept into a new colourway: onyx black. An uncompromising shade that highlights the shoe’s angular features and inherent solidity.

To commemorate its release alongside a wider collection of sleek essentials, London-based director Yagamoto crafted a short film that explores common ACW* themes of community and modern living through movement. Staged between The Beams and Silverworks Island, the film captures the rhythms of contemporary city life against a backdrop just as raw and monumental.

We open on dancers moving organically to a score written by award-winning musician James Massiah within the cavernous warehouse of Space One at The Beams. Flooded in natural light, this vast industrial space serves not to diminish but to highlight a sense of community. Shot over the course of a day, the company appears now bathed in a warm ethereal light, now coolly lit between steel pillars and concrete floor. As the sun makes its slow arc, The Beams shifts between alien landscape and stark reality.

Half of the film was set to be shot outdoors, making The Beams an even more ideal location. A 2-minute drive away, Silverworks Island sits on the water’s edge with London’s jagged skyline as backdrop. Easily accessible for the crew moving gear, this equally vast and rough space became the stage for a single dancer. At the centre and yet above it all, the site gives the impression of overlooking the city while being completely immersed in it. Together, The Beams and Silverworks Island are capable of making the ordinary feel unusual.

Who knew steel and concrete could be so flexible?