Warehouse Collection

There is beauty in the brutal. Our warehouse collection celebrates the industrial heritage and raw potential of our former factories, railway depots and workshops.


We work with underused and underloved industrial buildings to create exceptional flexible event spaces.

Our Warehouse Collection brings together our most sought-after locations: think original features, concrete floors, high ceilings and complete creative freedom.

  • Unleash Creative Potential

    Discover our warehouse collection, where vast, industrial canvases become the birthplace of groundbreaking projects. These spaces, with their raw architectural elements and adaptable interiors, offer a unique blend of scale and character, ideal for ambitious productions and events.

  • Where Innovation Meets Heritage

    Step into our warehouses and find a fusion of historical charm and modern functionality. These venues, with their exposed beams and open layouts, are perfect for events and shoots that require a blend of authenticity and contemporary edge.

  • Elevate Your Event in Our Iconic Warehouses

    Our warehouse collection offers more than just space; it offers an atmosphere steeped in history and potential. With their spacious interiors and versatile design, these warehouses are a canvas for events and productions that aim to leave a lasting impression.

  • Crafting Extraordinary Experiences

    Envision your next big project in our warehouses, where every corner tells a story. These spaces, ranging from rustic to refined, provide the perfect backdrop for events and productions that seek an environment as dynamic and unique as their vision.


With an extensive network of trusted suppliers and a deep understanding of the industry, our professional team supports the most ambitious and particular activations.