Large Scale Filming Collection

Our portfolio of unique locations provide some of the UK’s most desirable spaces for large scale filming, unit base, set build, television and photography.

We provide industrial and expansive spaces large enough for the most elaborate set builds and unit bases.

With function and flexibility at the core of our purpose, we work with crews of all sizes to ensure their filming and production runs seamlessly.

  • Elevate Your Film in Architectural Wonders

    Discover spaces where Dolby Atmos sounds blend with stunning architecture, turning your film project into an artistic triumph.

  • Spaces That Transform Your Narrative

    Picture your story in venues with panoramic views and unique designs, equipped for cinematic excellence and seamless transitions.

  • Premium Filming Locations for Exceptional Productions

    Immerse in innovation with our spaces, boasting RED cameras and Sony suites, where every frame is captured with unmatched precision.

  • Where Ambition Meets Iconic Spaces

    Host your production in venues of avant-garde architecture and multidimensional settings, backed by expert teams for a flawless execution.


With an extensive network of trusted suppliers and a deep understanding of the industry, our professional team supports the most ambitious and particular activations.