The Mezzanines

Both Mezzanines are accessible via two industrial steel staircases in Space 1 and can be utilized as VIP areas or as overflow for higher guest numbers; they can also operate as break-out, seminar and exhibition spaces.

Mezzanine 2 overlooks the main space and provides access to The Balcony, an intimate area featuring stained timber decking. The Balcony serves as an impeccable viewing platform for the River Thames and Canary Wharf skyline.


Mezzanine 1: 300
Mezzanine 2: 580
Mezzanine 1: 24.6m (l) x 11.9 (w) x 4m (h)
Mezzanine 2: 8.2m (l) x 33.3m (w) x 5m (h)
Mezzanine 1 - 292sqm
Mezzanine 2 - 273sqm