Custom Rooms

Dotted around the venue are our individually designed custom rooms for our guests to explore. These can be used as project or break-out spaces, or as space for additional guests.

During celebrations, the rooms provide quiet places to reflect and explore, and can be personalised by the hosts to create a range of experiences, from photo booths to secret bars.

The Botanical Room: A room designed to celebrate the natural beauty of plants and flowers. With a collection of established palms and grasses, and decorated with vintage botanical posters, the room infuses a leafy calm on its visitors. Perfect for our self-serve gin bar.

The Butterfly Room: Inspired by the jewel-like colours of butterflies, The Butterfly Room is Situated next to our conservatory bar.

The Map Room: Guests can take a trip around the world in our exquisitely designed Map Room. Decorated with world globes, international maps and antique suitcases, this room is the perfect pit stop for young and old explorers.

The Type Room: Filled with classic typewriters, mantel clocks, and other antique treasures, The Type Room is a quiet place of discovery.